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The San Benito County Chamber of Commerce Foundation is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization Tax ID # 81-3962616. Created under the umbrella of the San Benito County Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau, the Foundation is organized for the purpose of creating, promoting, and celebrating the economic vitality of San Benito County by providing resources to businesses and individuals. Under the pillars of equity, sustainability, productivity, empowerment, cooperation and security, The San Benito County Chamber of Commerce Foundation strives to provide opportunities for all individuals, businesses, and nonprofits in the San Benito County area.

Foundation Staff

Eddy Headshot Chamber1

Eduardo Navarro, MA

Executive Director

Eduardo is an experienced professional with a proven track record in nonprofit operations, infrastructure support, marketing, branding, and fund development. A native of San Benito County, he has worked with many nonprofits, small businesses, higher education institutions and global corporations throughout California. Eduardo is a fountain of knowledge, always finessing and learning new skills that he brings to the Foundation to establish efficient processes, create a culture of giving, and manage community engagement efforts.

He is a strong community advocate and champion of education with a background in education policy and education equity. He received two B.A.s and an M.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles and then shortly after lived in France for a year to teach. One of his specialties is in translation and linguistics services, having obtained a graduate degree from UCLA and having worked in taxonomy and localization at eBay and Mercari US.


Jenifer Rodriguez, MA

Director of Tourism & Hospitality

Jenifer Rodriguez serves as the Foundations Tourism and Hospitality Director. She brings years of experience in tourism and hospitality projects having worked with the City of Hollister and other local jurisdictions. She specializes in creating strategic community partnerships with local businesses and organizations to uplift their industries in creative and dynamic ways. She has conducted successful programs such as farm-to-table meals, community runs, and created websites and platforms showcasing San Benito County's many unique industries. She also excels in public relations and coordination programs with state and national magazines to elevate San Benito County.

At heart, Jenifer is an artist and a teacher. She is a local leader and community advocate.

Foundation Board of Directors


Victor Gómez

Board Chair

Pinnacle Strategy


Maria Ruiz

Vice Chair

Heritage Bank of Commerce

Lisa Salud

Lisa Salud

Finance Chair

Island Vibes & CFO, Empire Broadcasting KRTY


Michelle Leonard

San Benito County Chamber of Commerce

Stephanie Hicks Headshot

Stephanie Hicks

Intero Real Estate

Shawn Herrera

Shawn Herrera

Seton Music & Shawn P. Herrera Foundation

Brenda Horder

Brenda Horder

Farmers Insurance Agency - Brenda Horder


Tere Aceves

The Harker School

Mattie Scariot Headshot Chamber-min123

Mattie Scariot

Poppy Jasper International Film Festival

Maria Cid Headshot Chamber

Maria Cid

Farmers Insurance Agency - Maria Cid Agency

Eddy Headshot Chamber1

Eduardo Navarro

Executive Director - SBC Chamber Foundation

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